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Helltrack BMX Report 2017

by Mark
in Blog

August 19 saw Frankston Sharks BMX Club Host Helltrack a massive BMX State Series event.

Frankston Sharks BMX Club Logo

The Helltrack event was massive with over 350 riders from all over Australia, it was my first home track state series event and my first big crash mentioned below. I've never participated in a sporting event such as this. For me, Tough Mudder and Spartan Races we're adventures or missions to acomplish. This was a race, and olympic sport and it was awesome.


Helltrack 2017 at Frankston Sharks BMX Club

I had 5 clients racing, Luke Cristiano was going well till the final where he had a massive crash. He’s a bit battered, but ok.

Luke C BMX Image

Amber R is new to 3XPT, she placed 2nd every race including her final. She just rode so well.

Amber R BMX Image

Kane L rode some amazing races too. In one race he slipped at the gate and come out last to end up winning it. He placed 3rd, 3rd, 1st, 1st and 8th overall mainly because of a crash he had in the final, he’s ok, nothing broken.

Kane L BMX Image

My son Tyson placed 3rd, 1st, 2nd, 2nd and rode awesome too, pulling some strategic moves, having some cat and mouse moments in a few races to win.

Tyson BMX Image

Hugh F is new to 3XPT and rode well. He reported to me that he feels stronger at the 3rd berm / last straight where he used to be a bit more fatigued before starting training with us, so I’m really happy his training here is helping his time on the track.

Hugh F BMX Image

Harley C unfortunately had a huge crash on the Wednesday night before in practice and couldn't race. He's ok now, still a little battered, bruised and grazed.

I had a massive crash in my final at Helltrack on the weekend. Another rider came right over and smashed into me going for the holeshot (to get the lead into the first corner). The bike flew in the air and as I looked up I could see it coming down, I looked away for it to clip me on the head. Nothing broken or bruised, just a few light grazes and my new Frankston Sharks BMX jersey dirtied. I got on and rode away to finish the lap pulling a nice air over the table top after the 3rd berm. I placed 3rd every race, unfortunately there was only 3 of us riding in the class and age group. It's not the way I like to receive trophies, but considering the crash, ill take it, lol

Merx 134 Helltrack Jump 2017

Although i'm doing this sport to enhance my fitness, spend time with my son and to enjoy the great outdoors, and ventue to some amazing places we've never seen before, it's nice to see that i'm currently sitting 2nd in Victoria for my age and the class I ride in (30-39 Retro). Learning this has got me more motivated to work a little harder to further enjoy the sport some more. I still don't understand the whole points part of it and I'm fine with that.

I ride race for race, aiming to position well each time, not to come off and have fun. Im not at an age to be too competitive, ill leave that for the youngsters, but having these events scheduled is helping me to set goals with my health and fitness and to be smoother on the bike so I can have that fun I desire.

BMX Positions Aug 2017

Eastfield is the next BMX meeting in 2 weeks, I’m looking forward to training more, spending more time on the bike and getting ready for that one.

To keep up to date with BMX racing visit the Frankston Sharks Facebook Page or BMXV website. It's never too late to start and have fun!

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