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Mark Mercuri

"I've been in your shoes."

Meet Mark Mercuri. He loves helping people and appreciates that every body is different.

We think differently, we have different jobs, different family commitments and different levels of fitness and lifestyles.

"Finding a solution to promote better health and wellbeing is always a challenge but thats what I enjoy about my job. When a client achieves their goals, it makes it all worth while.

Mark himself has battled the with weight issues and an unhealthy diet. Once he realised that his lifestyle was not good for him he decided to do something about it and was lucky enough to have a friend to guide him to achieve his health and fitness goals.

Fat Merx

"I didnt know anything about training, I'd never dreamed of stepping foot in a gym. The fear of being weak, looking fat and not knowing what to do was something I had to overcome. A body building friend knew what it took to get results and through his personal training I achieved my goals fast."

Facts about Mark:

check-mark  2003 Entered a gym and started strength training

check-mark  2009 Started a supplement business

check-mark  2011 Completed certificates 3 and 4 in Fitness / Personal Training

check-mark  2011 Started work as a Personal Trainer at a boutique studio

check-mark  2012 Completed his first Tough Mudder (20km Obstacle Course Race - in approx 2hrs)

check-mark  2012 Started a new nutrition and supplement service business Paramount Nutrition

check-mark  2013 Completed and lead a team through a second Tough Mudder (20km Obstacle Course Race - in approx 3hrs)

check-mark  2013 Mark opened 3X Personal Training, Health and Fitness Facility

check-mark  2014 Completed the Diploma of Fitness

check-mark  2015 Completed his first Reebok Spartan Race - 14km Super Followed later that year by completing the Spartan Race 21km Beast and later the same day completed the 7km Sprint to achieve the Spartan Race trifecta medal. Again later that same year completed the Spartan Stadium Race.

check-mark  2015 Has clients competiting in bodybuilding competitions (International Natural Bodybuilding Association - INBA)

check-mark  2015 Completed Level 1, 2 and 3 Applied Muscle Testing (A. M. T) under Bob Guiel.

check-mark  2017 Started BMX racing (had neer done it before, even as a child) in the retro class, placing top 3 in a lot of races and placed 4th in the 2017 Victoria in the State Championships.

check-mark  Has helped hundreds of people improve their health and fitness. See some here.

Fitness Achievements: (See images and click links to videos below)

check-mark  220kg Deadlifts

check-mark  50kg Dumbbell Flat Bench Press

check-mark  20kg Chin ups and 20kg Roman Ring Dips

check-mark  400kg Leg Press

check-mark Muscle Ups

Mark's Qualifications:

Certificates 3 and 4 in Fitness and Personal Training

Certificate for Diploma in Fitness

Certificate for Level 1, 2 and 3 in Applied Muscle Testing Merx  Spartan Race 2015 1 Spartan Race 2015 3 Spartan Race 2015 2 Mark Mercuri BMX 2nd Place Mark BMX racing trophies Mark BMX racing

Mark also owns and operates his own nutrition and supplement business Paramount Nutrition and continues to expand his knowledge within the health, fitness and nutrition industry. Mark has helped hundreds of people with minor muscular aches and pains to complex digestive, hormone, self esteem issues and more.

On a personal note Mark also loves music, snowboarding, training and spending time with his wife, children and friends.

If you want to join the growing number of people enjoying a healthier, fitter, more fun and pain free lifestyle from Mark Mercuri at 3X Personal Trainingcontact us or call 0433 007 489 to book a consultation.