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"I completed my first Half Ironman Triathlon"

Kitty C Half Ironman 2017I worked with Mark in the lead up to my first half ironman triathlon.

Having spent years neglecting the strength aspect of my training Mark worked with me to develop a program which worked in well with my existing training. We focused on areas that would build up my strength and speed on the bike and in running and also reducing the risk of injury. 

Mark is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer, he is positive and encouraging and takes a genuine interest in his clients. 

I’ve come away with so much knowledge now that I can put into my own training. 

Thanks for everything Mark!




"I feel fitter, stronger, healthier and happier than ever"

Lachy F before

After years as a competitive field athlete I chose to pursue weight loss and gaining definition as my next pathway for my fitness. I was local to 3XPT and began to train with Mark early 2016, shown in the pictures is my transformation over the space of roughly 1 year of training once or twice at 3XPT and several other solo sessions per week. 

Lachy F afterI explained to Mark that I had previous rear shoulder pain which caused asymmetry in my posture (shown above) and also had fragile knees causing a lot of problems throughout leg intensive sessions. He structured my program to work around these factors while focusing on reconditioning and strengthening these weaknesses. I have now regained strength and symmetry in my shoulders and feel much more stable in my knees pushing those heavy weights. 

Mark was my knowledge bank for my diet too, debunking many misconceptions about macros, carbs, metabolism and intake. I now treat myself to more meals a day eating cleaner foods and never go hungry. He gives you the info you need, without the fitness industry filter. 

I can’t thank 3XPT and Mark enough for helping me reach my goals (and shirt sizes) that once eluded me; I feel fitter, stronger, healthier and happier than ever, being my lightest weight since early teens. I would recommend 3XPT for anyone chasing a better version of themselves. The intense sessions are just the beginning of what Mark can offer.

"I had broken my back and got offered immediate relief and it worked!"

Peter J superman push ups and deadlifts at 3X Personal Training

At 66 years of age I was in constant pain, I was unfit, overweight, had limited flexibility and unable to touch my toes. I had broken my back and was in serious pain every day and suffered from severe sciatic pain down the right side.

Mark offered me immediate help. He started off with simple stretches to help relieve the pain, it worked! I went to see a couple of Melbourne's leading Orthopaedic surgeons who both said what Mark’s strategy to make my body as strong as possible was definitely the best approach.

Now, aged 67 I am a changed man, I look and feel better than I have in years. My pain is under control, although it will never completely go away due to the severity of my injuries. I initially lost 10 kilograms and then gained 3 kilograms in muscle. My general wellbeing has also improved and I’m happy with what I see in the mirror, my wife is happy too!

It is amazing what you can achieve with the right guidance. Mark takes the time to work with the individual, it’s not a one-size fits all approach.

"I have improved my muscle strength and completed three Reebok Spartan Races."

Daniel k reebok spartan race 3x personal trainingBefore starting to train at 3XPT I was unfit, overweight and weak. Since starting my training I have improved my muscle strength and I no longer suffer from acid reflux, sore knees or a bad back.

I feel so much more powerful and confident and have now competed in four obstacle course races including three Reebok Spartan Races, Summit Suvivor and I plan to do more as I increase my fitness. I enjoy my training sessions and am inspired by my personal trainer, Georgia, who motivates me and has helped change my life for the better.

I would recommend 3X Personal Training to others and say “don’t think about doing the exercises, just do them!” The changes I’ve made in just six months are phenomenal, I can’t thank 3X Personal Training enough.




Megan G - Age Group 20-30

"Mark helped me regain my confidence to be able to jump again."

Megan Gallagher MMA fighter with Mark Mercuri 3XPTI initially began training with Mark because I felt my strength and rehabilitation training post-knee surgery had plateaued, but soon found my strength and fitness improving across the board, not just around my knee requirements.

Mark helped me regain my confidence to be able to jump again and the strength I have gained training with Mark has helped me leap forward with the next level of training I need for MMA fighting.

Mark is always motivated and encouraging, ready and willing to put in the time and effort to assist people in reaching and exceeding their goals. Not only is he a hard working and fun trainer, but also a great support behind the scenes with nutrition, supplement and lifestyle advice.

Mark cares about his clients and is always doing his utmost to provide me with relevant and current knowledge specific to my needs.




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Gerald R - Age Group 60+

3X Personal Training-Gerald R“Age is no barrier to exercise” said Mark, when I was contemplating some form of physical activity. “And there are two essential inputs to a healthy mind and body – exercise and what you eat” Mark continued. “There is plenty of research to show that the right and consistent exercise improves the brain’s performance”.

But what made me apprehensive was being treated like you see on those TV shows. Well nothing could be further from the truth. Mark devised a program to suit my needs and goals, made sure I’d be exercising different parts of my body for overall fitness, has devised my nutritional and protein intake and simple exercises to do between visits. And he’s made it fun. His attitude clearly shows he’s passionate about what he does and cares for each of his customers. He’s proof he lives up to what a Personal Trainer should be, as one size does not fit all.

Result? I’m gaining the fitness, strength and flexibility we agreed upon, my mental ability and enthusiasm has grown. I look forward to my visits to Mark where the environment is one of encouragement and positiveness.

Thank you Mark.



Monique S - Age Group 20-30

"I lost 3.2kg in one week!"

"Im fitter, stronger and fit into clothes that make me feel good."

"I hated running" yet Monique is now able to run 4km+ non stop, her self esteem and motivation is constantly improving and her daily life is so much easier.

Monique’s story is quite unique. In fact despite that she not only exercises to improve her physical appearance and to improve her self esteem, she is on a mission to meet a specific healthy weight to donate an organ to her father. This is the most unselfish “goal” we have heard of and we are so proud to be supporting Monique in achieving this.


3X Personal Training Monique 1 3X Personal Training Monique 2 3X Personal Training Monique 3 3X Personal Training Monique 4

Tracey W - Age Group 20-30

"My delivery and recovery is the best it could've been."

I'm pregnant with our first baby and I have been training at 3XPT with my husband for some time now. I don't want to stop as I enjoy coming to training.

Mark is one of the few people I trust to care for me and give me the right advice during this special time of our lives. He has been able to modify my training everystep of the way to ensure my safety and to keep my limitiations and results in mind. I know that once our baby is born he will be able to help me with my recovery and to get back into shape fast.

Thanks Mark and 3X Personal Training - Tracey

3X Personal Training Tracey W 13X Personal Training Tracey and David W3X Personal Training Tracey with Baby 3X Personal Training Tracey W 2

 3X Personal Training Tracey Thank You Card 3X Personal Training Tracey David, Baby Rowan and Mark Mercuri

Terry and Kirsty S - Age Group 30-40

Kirsty lost 5.8kg before her wedding.

Terry gained more muscle, definition and strength.

We had never used a personal trainer before and with our wedding fast approaching we wanted to get in shape and fast!
Mark at 3XPT was able to acheive that, not only with the exercise but nutrition help, encourangement and support the whole way. You could say by exercising on a more frequent basis, it helped to also keep our sanity during the wedding preparations.
We had a magical day and we're looing forward to Mark helping us get back into shape after our honeymoon.
Thanks Mark and 3X Personal Training - Terry and Kirsty S


3X Personal Training Terry and Kirsty 3X Personal Training Terry S3X Personal Training Terry and Kirsty Wedding Testimonial

Isabella H - Age Group 30-40

"Mark fixed my painful lower back."

"And I can now deadlift my own body weight!"

3X Personal Training Isabella HAfter having a baby I was suffering with lower back pain, to a point I just couldn't even pick my baby up.
After training with Mark for a few weeks I couldn't believe the results! I feel like a new stronger, healthier person!
The passion and motivation he has for clients is like no other, not only was he able to fix my lower back but he also has a plethora of knowledge about health and fitness. 
I couldn't recommend Mark more highly!!

Harley S - Age Group 30-40

"I've gained more size and strength."

I'm Harley, I'm a professional downhill mountain bike rider.
I started at 3X Personal Training not only to improve my fitness for riding but to build more muscle and my define my physique.
I was training at home and not getting the look I wanted. Since training with Mark I've gained more size and strength, I'm pleased with how im progressing and he also is/has adjusted my training for when riding so I can compete at my best ability. I highly recommened Mark and 3X Personal Training.
3X Personal Training Harley S 1 3X Personal Training Harley S 2 3X Personal Training Harley S 3 3X Personal Training Harley S 4

Mariya R - Age Group 20-30

Mark at 3X Personal Training has helped me regain my strength and finish off my rehabilitation after having knee surgery.
Since commencing training with him I have gained confidence to successfully engage in exercises I never thought I would be able to complete such as box jumps, push ups and many more.

I am excited for what the future holds for my training and to be able to reach further goals I have set with the ongoing support I receive.

Deborah M - Age group 50+

"Mark has rehabilitated my broken foot and knee after my knee surgery." 

I have been training with Mark for nearly 3 years. In that time I’ve had a broken foot and knee surgery (not as a result of my workouts!) and Mark has effectively trained me through those injuries to fast and complete recoveries.
He always plans my program in advance but if I come to training, feeling unwell, he will change it to accommodate my sense of wellbeing. He always pushes me beyond what I expect I can do, but he never pushes me so hard that I feel like giving up.
I have every faith in the training programs he puts together for me because I know how much time he puts into his preparation. Also if I have a problem (such as my dietary issues) he always researches the issues and offers informed suggestions and advice.
He is interested in my holistic wellbeing, not just my physical development.


David W - Age Group 20-30

I’ve been training with the help of Mark for almost two years now, and have continued to see improvements especially since going to 3X Personal Training. I have dropped 20kg and finally have a body that I’m proud of! I am a lot stronger and have much more energy, plus working out has become an enjoyable activity and hobby for me. Mark has been able to guide me, not only in exercise technique, but also nutrition, self-discipline and motivation. I look forward to coming to my training sessions, and use them to spur on my own gym training. Let’s see what the next two years brings!

3X Personal Training David W 1 3X Personal Training David W 2 3X Personal Training David W 3 3X Personal Training David W 4

Julie V- Age Group 40-50

My drive and performance at work has improved, my boss said i'm an asset!

3X Personal Training Julie VThis is a random message I receved from Julie on August 6, 2014. Thank you Julie.

Julie started at 3XPT with mixed emotions often causing her to doubt herself and others. Through exercise her mind set has changed so much that her confidence and daily decision making has improved to the point that her life has more clarity, her self esteem has improved and she is enjoying her job more than ever before and receiving complements from her boss. Julie is also able to handle and solve situations that in the past that may have her feeling low and worthless.

With Julie's mindset the way it currently is she is making healthier choice options and achieving greater fitness goals.







Nicola O - Age Group 30-40

"I havent lost any weight, and I didnt come to personal training to do that."

3X Personal Training Nicola 2Hi, Im Nicola, Im 35 and a mother of two boys. I had been boxing for roughly two years before starting with 3XPT. I thought I was pretty fit and strong, however once starting personal training I found that although I was fairly fit I didnt have the strength or muscle that I thought I had.
Mark has not only helped me physically to tone up and build my strength, but he has also helped me mentally to build my confidence and self esteem.
I havent lost any weight, and I didnt come to personal training to do that. My body is now more toned and defined, I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been and I am confident to wear clothes that I had never dreamed of wearing.
Thanks Mark for helping me to become the best me I can be!

"I placed 5th out of 14 in my first ever bodybuilding competition."

Brendan Ashman INBA bodybuilding competitorI started training with 3X Personal Training to get the expert help needed to enable me to compete in bodybuilding which I placed 5th out of 14 competitors.

Not only did I achieve amazing results, Mark also helped me with injury prevention and maintenance for my knees as both have been reconditioned due to football injuries. 

This man knows his stuff, I would recommend 3X Personal Training to anyone wanting to get results and take their training to the next level.